November 1st 2022 Meeting Minutes

November 1st 2022 Meeting Minutes


Present: Couns K. Connor, J. Hamer, J. East, D. Smith, N. Slater, M. Davies .

1.Welcome and introduction:..

2. Apologies

Couns. Entwistle, Salton, Brookfield, Taylor, Browne and Walker.

3.Declaration of interests :

Coun Slater on The Royal British Legion and Coun East on Darwen Heritage Centre.

4 Minutes of the last meeting:

These were agreed.

4.2 Flower beds

Coun East had met with the floral contractor and a plan of action had been drawn up,
which will be circulated before the next meeting for discussion.

4.3 Childrens Literature Festival

Coun East had attended an event and said the turn out had been good with lots of local
schools attending. A final report of activities had been circulated to councillors.

4.4 Legacy Ideas

Coun Smith said the original contractor who had carried out restoration of industrial
heritage items had moved and Coun East had contacted heritage specialist Shane
Johnstone from Morecambe to discuss ideas and costings.

4.5 Planning updates
Coun Smith said the application for Dungeons and Dragons had proved invalid and a
further one for a nightclub would be decided in November/December.

5. Public Forum

Mr Tony Foster from Darwen Heritage Centre gave details of Remembrance Day services
on the 11th and the 13th.

Mr Gary Perkins asked due to the current financial crisis, whether he could apply for
funding from the town council to help pay for community events he plans to organise in
2023. Coun Connor advised that this would need to go through an official body and
applications could be submitted to the events committee via Coun. Davies.

He asked if there was any funding for business ideas and Coun Smith referred him to the
growth and development fund.

Parking problems at Mr Perkins new play centre operation in Wood Street were discussed
and Coun Smith advised Mr Perkins to contact BWD as there are no enforcements
currently in operation.

A resident attended to ask for help funding a defibrillator in Blackburn Road following the
sad death of her husband and ensuring it is registered and available to use. The cost is
£2,460. It was agreed to apply for funding through the town council awards scheme. Coun
Connor said the council would back the scheme up to £500 if funding could not be secured
through the town awards or other local awards schemes.

6 Mayors update

No update.

7. Deputy leaders report

Coun Connor said the town deal committee had not met since the project had been agreed
as they are waiting for official confirmation from the Government.

He had attended the inauguration of the new vicar at St Peters.

8. Correspondence

A request from Germany for more information surrounding Commonwealth War graves
with connections to Darwen had been passed to Darwen Heritage Centre to deal with.

9. Updates

The town crier to be invited to the Christmas lights switch on.

The Whitehall Supporters Group scarecrow festival had been a great success.

Coun Davies said all the arrangements for the town bonfire had been made.

Coun Connor is arranging a concert in aid of The Mayors charity on December 11th from
12 until 2 p.m. at Darwen Library Theatre and featuring the Blackburn and Darwen Brass

Coun East said the awards committee had agreed an application from Age UK for funding
for a 50 plus walking football club. This was agreed by the full council.

10 Finance


£784 for R Hay for salary and expenses.

£112.71 – R Hay pension

£1,250 Optimum Fireworks for final payment for fireworks.

£2,500 BWD for afternoon variety show contribution.

£7,500 BWD for Christmas lights contribution.

£700 Age UK for funding for 50 plus walking group.

Coun Brookfield is arranging for BWD to forward £400 as agreed towards the Laneshaw
Close fencing.

11. Any other business

Couns East and Smith had assisted in placing the Nat West and Lloyds bank former
buildings in the local listings and BWD are aware of the importance of the mosaic in Hollins
Grove Church and the need to protect if the building is sold/altered.

It was agreed to discuss celebrating the coronation at the next meeting and make a
decision on the future of the flags and the council marquee.

No update on Darwen Live.

12 Part 2 press and public excluded


13. Date of next meeting

December 6th
, Darwen Town Hall, 7 p.m. Agenda items to be with the clerk by
November 25
th please.

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