June 7th 2022 Meeting Minutes

June 7th 2022 Meeting Minutes

7TH, 2022

Present: Couns S.Brookfield, K. Connor, D. Smith, B. Taylor, P Browne, N. Slater, M.
Davies .

1.Welcome and introduction:..

2. Apologies

Couns. East, Salton, Hamer, Entwistle and Walker.

3.Declaration of interests :


4 Minutes of the last meeting:

These were agreed.

4.1 Council chamber

Coun Smith is liasing with BWD over repairs to the Darwen Town Hall council chamber.
The problems appear not to be connected to the roof.

4.2 Darwen Deal

Coun Smith confirmed that the make up of the group allowed for a representative of the
town council to act on its behalf and the council had agreed this to be the deputy leader.
Coun East had already indicated he was happy to pass over the reins to Coun. Connor.

5. Public Forum


6 Mayors update
Coun Brookfield attended Darwen Live. A collection of £35 had been made towards the
dementia charity. It appears we are now in a cashless society and it was agreed to look
into some type of card machine for future collections. Coun. Connor to action.

7. Deputy leaders report

Coun Connor said Darwen Live had been a success, thanks via the clerk, expressed to the
organisers. BWD were dealing with a flooding problem in the town hall, which would mean
it will be closed for repairs for a few days.

He said the jubilee events held at the local schools using the town council donations had
been well received also and the lighting up of the jubilee beacon at Darwen Tower had
attracted a huge crowd and was very impressive.

8. Commonwealth Baton

The Commonwealth Games Baton Relay is due to finish in Darwen and to make a success
of the event, it was agreed to sponsor the event at £1,200 inorder to bring in entertainment.

9 Finance


In: Darwen Live collection – £35.


£754 for R Hay for salary and expenses.

£112.71 – R Hay pension

£500 Kevin McAuley for flag erection for the jubilee.

£750 Lads United, town award towards pitch hire.

A new bank mandate for the Credit Union and Barclays was agreed and Couns Taylor and
Connor to organise the paperwork.

10 Correspondence

Consultation on the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing policy was sent around.

11 Updates

Coun Davies said the cricket club is liasing with the firework organisers re bonfire night
and are also seeking two extra quotes.

The town crier had been a success at the jubilee event at Darwen Tower and Coun.
Davies has given him a list of forthcoming events.

It was agreed to fund an application for £750 from Lads United towards pitch costs. The
money coming from the town awards.

12. Any other business

13 Part 2 press and public excluded

One item.

14. Date of next meeting

July 5
th , Darwen Town Hall, 7 p.m. Agenda items to be with the clerk by June 27th

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