March 7th 2023 Meeting Minutes

March 7th 2023 Meeting Minutes

7TH, 2023

Present: Couns K. Connor, J. Hamer, J. East, D. Smith, N. Slater, L.Salton, S.
Brookfield, B. Taylor.

1.Welcome and introduction:..

2. Apologies

Couns Browne, Davies and Entwistle.

3.Declaration of interests :


4 Minutes of the last meeting:

These were agreed.

4.2 Floral planters

Coun East organised for the broken planters to be removed and he is costing the new and
extra ones needed.

5. Public Forum


6 Mayors update

Coun Brookfield had visited St Cuthberts and St Edwards Primary Schools and they had
confirmed they are to hold events for the Kings Coronation.

7. Deputy leaders report

Coun Connor to organise the purchase of new flags. He gave an update on the Darwen
Deal and there was concern that some businesses and the parks groups are not being
kept informed of plans.

8. Updates

The town crier will be needed for The Kings Coronation.

Coun Connor asked for authorisation for payment for the Kings Coronation celebrations
(£4,400) and for a contribution to the health centre for insurance and publicity (£128.74).

This was agreed. Coun Connor is to look at the possible purchase of extra planters to
mark the coronation.The organisation of the Kings Coronation event is going well.

Information re the scooter rally was circulated and a grant of £2,000 to be paid.

Blackburn with Darwen Brass Band have an event for the Kings Coronation planned.
More details to follow. It was agreed to see if BWD will lend the old Darwen council trophy
for the annual brass band competition. Couns Taylor and Connor are to see if any
memorabilia connected with the town, can be returned or loaned to the town to allow the
public to see.

Coun Smith gave details of planning decisions and said an appeal for an electronic
advertising board had been lost. Also problems with parking on Borough Road.

Coun East gave details of the work to be done on restoring the heritage items in the town.
Coun Taylor said this must be done in conjunction with the borough.

9. Finance


£332.92 proceeds of the Mayors concert.


£790 for R Hay for salary and expenses.

£112.71 – R Hay pension

£540 Find Me A Business, website renewal.

£450 Website admin.

£4,400 Laura Johnston for Kings Coronation event.

£2,000 Scooter rally grant.

£5,000 Darwen Live extra funding for 2022.

10. Any other business

Coun East gave details of a meeting with the Ribble Trust to discuss looking to develop the
River Darwen to conserve and restore from Cranberry Moss water shed to Ewood.

11 Part 2 press and public excluded

12 Date of next meeting

April 4th, Darwen Town Hall, 7 p.m. Agenda items to be with the clerk by March

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